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About the foundation

Foundation “Let's talk”

The Dialogue Supporting Foundation “Let’s talk” was established in response to the increasingly serious polarization of Polish society, the lack of contact and communication of people who differ in their worldview, closing themselves in their information bubbles. 

The organization formally exists since 30.10.2019, but its activity is based on the experience of the founders: Iwona Koziej-Grabowska, promoter and trainer of dialogue in Poland since 2010 (#PaniOdDialogu) and Zbigniew Grabowski – a manager with many years of experience in various corporate projects.

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Purpose and mission of the Foundation

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The aim and mission of the Foundation are the educational and promotional activities in the field of supporting and popularizing the idea of broadly understood dialogue, aimed at integration and building communities, promoting tolerance, and preventing exclusion. The Foundation is guided by European values.

The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

  • organizing informational, educational and consultation meetings, 
  • organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, trainings and exhibitions, 
  • organizing competitions and awarding prizes, cooperation with other organizations involved in the dissemination of dialogue, 
  • organizing media campaigns (promotional campaigns, social actions) promoting the objectives of the Foundation 
  • Non-formal education and motivation of adults for learning – promotion of “lifelong learning”

As a result of its activities, the Foundation wants to play an important role in building local communities open to diversity, caring for mindful communication and fruitfully cooperating for the common good.

Our team


Zbigniew Grabowski

President of the Foundation

Manager with many years of experience in an international corporation, including the position of the board member of the subsidiary in Poland. He successfully led many projects in an international environment in various areas, including: sales and marketing, corporate communication and CSR, process improvement (Lean Six Sigma), business service center. For several years, he has been actively supporting dialogue projects in Poland.

Iwona Kozieja Grabowska

Vice-President of the Foundation

Dialogue practitioner and facilitator, soft skills trainer, mediator. For many years she worked in international corporations, leading, among others, communication projects. She promotes dialogue in Poland, writes, publishes, conducts research and numerous meetings, lectures, workshops and webinars. She has unique skills and competences acquired during workshops conducted by Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue from Norway and Dialogos from the USA. She is a member of the international Academy of Professional Dialogue.

Our coworkers

Puzel grantowy

Iwona Przybyła

Coordinator of projects for NGOs in the area of technological support and digital competences, coordinator for digital accessibility in the Personnel and Training Office of the Warsaw City Hall. She deals with issues related to the employment of people with disabilities in public administration. Passionate about new technologies and cycling.


Maciej Mróz

Website developer, technology advisor for NGOs and the public sector, author of promotional videos shot from a drone. In his free time, he spends kilometers on two wheels and encourages others to do the same.

Paweł Tempczyk

Psychologist and trainer (University of Warsaw), co-creator of the PERSO.IN online personality test, group coach (TROP Group), psychological research analyst, dolphin therapist (Good Village Foundation), leader of laughter yoga (Laughter Yoga International). He teaches at psychology faculties at universities: AEH and WSB. Involved in projects related to dialogue.

Ela Włodarska

Ela Włodarska

She virtually supports the activity of various organizations based on planning and implementation of activities. Automates processes and uses available tools or learns new ones. After hours, she changes observers into animators in the 50+ group, makes jewelry or gives a second life to objects that others condemn to the trash.

Documents of the Foundation

Documents such as statute, financial statements, etc. are available on the Documents subpage (available only in Polish)

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